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The Only 6 Simple Ways You Need To Instantly Lose Belly Fat, Based On Pure Science!

Do you want to know some of the best ways to lose weight based on science? What if I tell you that there are a number of very simple ways to lose weight that you take for granted?


Weight loss is something that has become a must for anyone. Apart from the health benefits you reap when you ditch a few pound off your body, that sexy look you get is really worth to sweat for!

Unfortunately, in trying to lose weight, people try stuff that doesn’t even proven to work! And when they don’t see results in a couple of days, they just give up and start complaining how unfortunate they are to be born with a body that can never get slimmer!

If you are one of those poor souls or you just want to lose weight with simple tricks, welcome aboard.

In this article, we will talk about 6 simple tricks that will make you lose weight. And of course, each one of them is supported by science!

To make the navigation simple and kuick, here is an overview of what this article will be about:

1. Don’t Wait till You’re Thirsty To Drink!

It is common to hear people say drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry. The second is trus. But the first one, I doubt it is!

Don’t wait till your body is thirty to get a sip or two! When you feel thirsty, that’s a sign from your body that it is already dehydrated!

Hydration is the number one thing so people people screw up at. We are made up of more than 70 percent of water. And just imagine what would happen if you only drink a glass or two water a day!

Water is very critical to weight loss. Water boosts your metabolism by about 30 percent over the course of 1 to 1 and a half hours, as this study proves!

Water also helps in suppressing your appetite if you drink it 30 minutes before you eat!

Drink up to two litres a day of water and you will you will notice fat melting!

2. What About Green Tea?

Drink tea as well as coffee are more than just beverages. They are more than helpful when it comes to losing weight. While the two are super great, as they all contain caffeine. Green tea outperforms coffee in the number of and quality of antioxidant it has!

Green tea has a group of antioxidant called catechins. These, along with caffeine, help you lose weight easily! Have a look at this study here.

3. Focus More On Building Muscles:

This is a little long term thing! But very effective, especially as you age. Normally, as we age, we tend to lose muscle muscles, resulting in fat accumulation.

The best way to ensure you lose weight and stick to it for a very long time is to focus on building muscles. The best way to do so is to lift weights and binge on protein. Weight lifting is  proven to skyrocket your metabolism and lose weight long after you exercise, as this study confirms!

4. Up Your Fiber Intake:

Fiber is really crucial when it comes to weight loss. The problem people make is they tend to get fiber from bread. This the fastest way to screw your body! Eating so much bread will make you gain weight fast! The best way to get fiber is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Getting plenty of fiber that way help you reap the rewards this study shows fiber has!

5. You Have Got Enough! Chew Slowly!

Weird ,right? I thought so, before reading what this study says! For your brain to signal to your body you are full, it takes a little while! And if you eat in a hurry, you miss your brain’s signal and you will find yourself eating more calories than you would if you have taken your time to chew more slowly!

6. Rest! Rest! And More Rest!

We talked earlier about two things to grow muscles, weight lifting and protein! And here is the third piece to add to the puzzle. When you hit your muscles hard and feed them plenty protein, one thing else is all they require to grow. SLEEP!

You need to get quality sleep top let your muscles grow. The muscle grow when you give it rest, not when you exercise it daily!

Lack of sleep, in a variety of studies, is linked to obesity. Sleep more and you will lose more weight. As simple as that!


Those are six simple ways that help you lose weight, backed up by science. Try to give each one of them a place in your busy schedule and you will see your weight going down, without much effort from your side.

Let us know in the comment below which one of those six ways to lose weight resonates with you more! Cheers!