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Should Go For The Atkins Diet?

Do you struggle with weight and want a diet system that will instantly rid you of all those pounds? Have you ever heard of the atkins diet but have no idea what that is? Are you still confused whether to follow this diet system or not?

Look, if one of the questions above bothers you, no more quests.

You have just stumbled upon the best place to get all you need to know about the atkins diet. I mean, really all you need to know will cover it here.

From the definition of the diet itself, the pros, the cons, the foods you are allowed and those you have to steer away from, and so much more.

In short, by the end of the st word, you will get armed to the teeth about all you need to start this diet.

And there is more, I created the menu below to give you an overview and easy access to all the points we will cover in this article. Have a look at it and let’s get you all you need to know about this diet.

What Is Atkins Diet?

Almost similar to gluten free diet, except that atkins diet promotes complete exclusion of carbs from your diet.

Following the atkins diet, you should avoid carbs at all costs. All you have to focus on eating is a bunch of protien and fats. For those, eat as much as you want. The trick here is to simply ditch carbs! Better said than done, I know.

In between, it is doable!  

Anyway, back to the definition of the atkins diet,  

The atkins diet was founded by the famous  Dr. Robert C. Atkins. In 1972, wrote a book about this diet that made a hit in the diet industry. In a very short period of time, it became a bestseller, beating all those diet books.

Since then, the diet has known so many ups and downs, between those who agree with and the others who bitterly criticize it.

Despite all those critics, the diet has shown again and again that you can lose weight on a  rich fat and high protein diet, better than a high carbs low fat diet.

I know you believe in facts and figures and not so much into talking,

Got you dear reader,

So here is something for you,

Are There Any Scientific Studies Proving The Atkins Diet Work?

There are a number of studies that really stand firm behind low carb high fat diets as the best weight to both lose weight and get your body to function at its best. Here is a list of 23 studies to get shut down your analytical mind.

What Are The Benefits Of The Atkins Diet?

Like any other low carb and high fat diet, atkins diet has tremendous health benefits. Here is a list of those:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Say bye bye to ACNE
  • Your heart will thank you for it
  • Headaches are no no anymore
  • Your appetite will get suppressed, resulting in less eating
  • Your good cholesterol will go high
  • Triglycerides or fat cells will go away
  • Your blood pressure will be decreased

Let’s now have a look at the other side of the coin,

Does The Atkins Diet Have Any Downsides?

Absolutely YES.

I will repeat it again. No diet is perfect. It all depends on whether it works for you or not. As for the atkins diet, it definetly have some disadvantages.

Below is a list of those:

  • It is just so hard to get rid of carbs. It requires tremendous discipline and willpower.
  • It can cause bad breath. This is so bad if you are thinking about a date!
  • Going for that diet, you may experience nausea
  • Not so good for vegetarians as it relies so much on animal proteins
  • You may run into the risk of getting less nutrients
  • You need to count your carbs each time you want to eat

Those are some of the downsides of the atkins diet. It is up to you now. Compare the pros and cons and see whether it will work for you or not.

There is still one step to go,

What Are The Foods You Are Allowed To Eat Going On Atkins Diet?

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Vegetables with low carbs
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Healthy oils
  • Dairy products

What Are The Foods You Are Not Allowed To Eat?

  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Vegetables oils
  • Vegetables with high carbs
  • Legumes
  • Starchy veggies


There you have it guys. That’s a very compact research about all that you need to know before starting the atkins diet. Read it thoroughly and if you have any questions of observations, feel free to reach out or simply hit that comment box below and we will be back to you asap.