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Weight Watchers Diet: The Complete A To Z Guide!

Ever heard or the Weight Watchers diet but have no clue what that is? Do you want to have a good grasp of the Weight Watchers diet and rid your body out of fat in a matter of days? How much does it cost to start the Weight Watchers diet? what about exercise? Will I need it?

Look! If these questions are what preoccupy your mind, lucky you!

I’d like to congratulate you as you have just stumbled upon one of the best the best resource out there to get all you need to know about weight watchers diet.

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All I can say is by the last word of this article, you will have a good understanding of what Weight  Watchers are and how to effectively use this system to your benefits and shed weight in a very short period of time.


I know you are. But there is one thing I want you to have a look at before we jump into the greasy meaty and cheesy of what this article will be about!

To make navigating the article an easy and fun thing, the overview below is the created for the very purpose of that.

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So before getting into anything about the weight watchers diet, I am sure so many of you guys still don’t know what that is,

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Let’s have a look at what weight watchers diet really is,

What Is The Weight Watchers Diet?

Weight Watcher is a plan that is developed to help participants to shed weight. The participants in the system are permitted to purchase and cook their foods. And that’s what makes the program differ from others.

So basically, a weight watcher is a person who eats in a particular way to prevent weight gain.

According to the plan, dieting is but part of a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes on the vitality of physical and mental well-being. Contrary to what many people think, the plan doesn’t restrain anyone from taking particular foods or dictating what to eat. The aim of the plan is to encourage people to take charge by making healthy choices and exercise more.

It has been confirmed to be effective and is a superb diet choice for all those who wish to lose quite a little of weight and for those who may just have a couple of added pounds that they would like to be rid of.

To help and motivate their participants, Weight Watchers rely on meetings.

These either take place online or face-to-face,

To attend face-to-face meetings is the primary and much more traditional way. Meetings include discussions, updates, the sharing of resources and weekly weigh-ins.These meetings take place on a weekly basis.

But those who can’t, there is a way out,

Online Weight Watchers is for all those who are either uncomfortable with face-to-face meetings or who are more into the convenience of working at the comfort of their house and are tight on time.

Both approaches are effective.

Weight watchers diet has two plans: the smart points plan and beyond the scale program.

The Points Plan.

Here, different foods are assigned specific points depending on their calories, fiber content and fat.

One is then permitted to choose any food and are given a particular number of points on a daily basis.

The number of points is given in relation to gender, age, weight and height. For the foods that have zero points, one can eat without limits to make them feel full. For instance, fruits and vegetables.

There are several recipes that are availed by the company for use by participants. One can calculate the points by themselves using the mobile app or company website. These recipes are tailored to suit everyone including vegetarians and gluten-free feeders.

Beyond The Scale Program.

This plan is built around consumption of all types of food without following the point system. It helps people to always be in their right mind frames in order to achieve their weight loss goals and objectives. The values that are emphasized in this program include mindfulness, self-worth and confidence which help the participant in making the right decisions.

Get- together meetings.

The company sponsors occasional meetings for the participants. Here, members meet and share their personal successes in using both plans. Problem solving is also done for those experiencing difficulties in their program. On top of these, there are support program and hotlines where a participant can be helped anytime.

What Are The Benefits Weight Watchers Diet Plan?


Through the use of their app, one is able to check the point value of whatever food they take anywhere anytime.

It Is Holistic:

Weight watchers do not only focus on weight loss but also provides emotional support to participants and walks with them through each stage.

Plenty Of Recipes:

The company offers recipes of all kinds including ones that one doesn’t cook. All types of feeders are also covered in these endless recipes.


With weight watchers, no food is prohibited. One can grab anything provided it fits in their feeding plans. This gives participants the freedom of choosing what they want.


Hunger is not part of the weight watchers program. Instead, the plan suggests foods that help one feel fuller like vegetables and fruits. Snacking is also allowed in the programs.

Check out more here.

How much does weight watchers cost?

Weight watchers charges fees for the following:

Meetings For Members:

There is a payment plan that has been set for the meetings that take place weekly. The schedule is based on the enrollment fee which is usually inclusive of the registration and weekly meeting fees. After clearing these, one pays the weekly fee only to keep their membership current. However, if one registers absence for four consecutive weeks, their membership is nullified. No contracts are signed for membership and it is open anytime as long as one is eligible. In the case of re-enrollment, one is charged as a new member.

Monthly Plan:

This is an incredible way of committing to the weight loss journey. For this plan, one pays meeting fees per month.

This fee has been proven to be much lower than the weekly meeting fees. It comes with privileges such as freedom to attend unlimited number of meetings regardless of how many in a week.

Free access to e-Tools is guaranteed and a monthly pass card is issued as proof of payment.

This plan costs $ 39.95.

This plan however cannot be used by persons under 18 years because it does not address nutritional needs of people under 18 years. In addition to that, they are not in a position to legally agree to and accept the subscription agreement.

Lifetime membership.

This is a benefit that is accorded to a meetings member who attains and maintains their goal weight.

Lifetime members don’t pay for any missed meetings not unless they have not weighed themselves in a members meeting for the previous month or are above their goal weight.  

But How The Payment Is Issued?

One can pay for their different plans through various ways like utilizing insurance policies that support weight loss lessons. The other way is through promotions and coupons which also acceptable. Though not offered in most areas in the country, some areas are privileged to still get scholarships to weight watchers. Above all these, there are participants who still choose to finance their programs, which is desirable as well.

You can contact them here if you still not sure what plan to go for.

Will I Lose Weight With Weight Watchers?

Most people who subscribe to weight watchers programs always succeed.

This is because the program is tailored to suit individual needs of participants. It works with willingness and doesn’t focus only on weight loss but also physical and mental wellbeing.

In 2011, weight watchers was categorized as one of the five best diets in the US. In the UK, people on weight watchers have been found to lose twice as much weight compared to those advised by their GP on dietary matters.

Through the use of point system, one can always predict whether a particular diet is capable of hindering weight loss. This helps participants to keep off what does not help them during weight loss.

The meetings also provide an avenue for members to get to know and encourage each other. This motivates them to put more effort in order to achieve their goal weight. Weight watchers members have attested to the fact that weight loss through healthy feeding has minimal chances of failure.

Is It Easy To Follow The Weight Watchers Diet?

What is the role of exercise in weight watchers?

It is very easy to follow weight watchers programs for the following reasons:

The Program Is Flexible:

One is free to choose what to eat since there is no fixed diet plan on what one must take. The daily points are always high enough to allow one to take 3 meals a day and snack at least twice. This enhances compliance since there is no temptation to defy a routine.

Availability Of Guiding Tools:

Through the use of the mobile app and their easily accessible website, participants can search and scan barcodes on food items to ensure they eat within their recommended point values. There is also a pocket guide or calculator availed for those who are not able to use smartphones or computers.

Customized Recipes:

There are many recipes that are customized for every person that are availed by weight watchers. These cover all nutritional needs.

Payment Plans For All Budgets:

There are different plans of payment that are meant to suit anyone.These are based on availability of participants and age as well. on top of this, one is able to follow the diet plan of their choice, which makes it easy to follow.

Emphasis On Fullness:

Weight watchers diet plans do not subject participants to unnecessary hunger strikes. If one needs to feel full, they can take plenty of fruits which help keep one fuller for long. The smart points plan also gives one extra points to feed on more if need be.

Exercise And Weight Watchers?

Incorporating physical exercise with healthy feeding are a good way of losing and maintaining one’s target weight.

Weight watchers programs have incorporated exercise into their plans and are encouraging participants to keep fit.

This is through the Fitpoints feature. This is on the mobile app and website as well and helps in tracking individual physical activity. The fit break app by weight watchers also is a major utility that can be downloaded by non-members worldwide.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or extreme. One can engage in daily simple activities like walking, jogging, yoga doing laundry or even dancing. This are fun to do and they help in burning calories at the same time.

Exercise plays the following roles in weight loss:

Efficient Blood Oxygenation And Circulation:

This is very important for every person whether on diet or not. Proper blood circulation ensures that the body functions well.

Boosts Energy Levels:

Exercise keeps one energized through proper circulation of nutrients in the body.

Helps The body In Releasing Toxins:

Through sweating and urination, the body flushes out toxins that build up over time hence helping one in remaining healthy.

Improves The Mood:

Exercise helps one to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Yoga helps one in meditating and reflecting. This helps one to be mindful of their feeding habits and maintain positivity. Emotional instability can cause some people to defy dieting plans as a result of stress. Being in the right moods is very crucial for dieters.

Maintaining Weight Goal:

It is very easy to attain the goal weight for most people but it can be very hard to maintain it. Weight watchers recommends one to continue exercising to avoid regaining of weight unnecessarily.

What Are The Best Weight Watchers Snacks?

Snacking is not prohibited during dieting with Weight Watchers. The following are some snacks that are recommended for the participants.

Bell Pepper Candy:

Having only one smart point, this snack can be a yummy treat to fit into any other meal. One can decide to make it in the dehydrator or in the oven.

Sweet Potato Crunchies:

This is a snack that is loaded with vitamins and minerals which are so dearly needed by the body. It is also good in helping one feel fuller. It has only 4 smart points.

Berry Parfait:

Berries are highly valuable for the body. This dessert contains a good amount of proteins and is good for replenishing the muscles. It can ideally be taken after working out to help the muscles.

Fiber One Lemon Bars:

The sweet-tart bars can be served with coffee as breakfast or as a midday snack. They are good for supplying fiber and have up to 90 calories. They can be accessed in most places in the country and have 2 points per bar.

Snikiddy Baked Fries:

These fries are a great substitute to cheese puffs. Apart from having a low fat content, they are also made from natural ingredients. One can choose between seven flavors according to their preference.

Sweet Potato Chips:

These can be fed on by the whole family. The snack can be taken anytime between meals and is rich in fiber, minerals and carbohydrate. They are very easy to make which makes it a convenience snack


These are sheets of roasted seaweed. They are salty crunchy and sometimes spicy. They come in various flavors such as onion, chipotle and sea salt. Being very affordable, they have 1 Point Plus.

You can check out more weight watchers snacks here.

Weight Watchers Points VS Point Plus?

Weight watcher points is typically where different foods are assigned a certain number of points depending on the foods calorie content, fats and fiber content.

On the other hand, the weight watcher plus program has the same basic rules as the smart points program. The daily points plus allowance has been changed from 29 to 26.

The main differences between the two are:

In the points system, one is allowed to choose unhealthy foods instead of fruits at times to ensure participants don’t feel left out. In the points plus system, participants choose fruits for zero points plus. This is aimed at helping members in making healthy food choices.

The new points plus system discourages participants from taking high amounts of sugar and saturated fats in an effort to think about what they are eating not just counting the calories.

For the points plus program, the bonus points have been increased to 49 and the target is already pre-calculated for participants unlike in the old points system where one has to calculate the points by themselves.

The weight watcher plus system calculates values for foods and drinks differently from the points system. Points plus takes into account how different nutrients are processed in the body and uses fiber, fat proteins and carbohydrates to calculate the values. Calories have been phased out because they don’t give a clear depiction of how much energy the body gets from particular foods.


Weight Watchers diet is more than recommended for anyone who lacks motivation and is looking for a supportive team to make him or her push beyond limit. If your goal is to lose weight but lack support and motivation, please go for the weight watchers. And the ball is in your court now. See that comment box below? Give it a punch and let us know what do you think about this diet system? Cheers!