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Mediterranean Diet The Easy Way: Simple And Easy Mediterranean Diet Guide.

Have you ever heard of the mediterranean diet but have no idea what that is? Or maybe you already know what it is but still can’t decide whether to go for it it or not? What about its benefits and drawbacks? Want to have a clear idea about that?

I am sure your mind can be lost in one or all the questions listed above, from time time.

If those are what bugging you, you have just landed on the perfect place to get a satisfying answer for all of them.

And I know you don’t have time to even scratch your head, let alone go through an article. That’s why I created the navigational menu below to make things easy for you and get to the points of the article you want to know more about.

Have a look at it ad let’s get you equip you to the head on everything you need to know about the mediterranean diet.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet?

Heart healthy addicts, where you guys?

This is the diet to shoot for. The mediterranean diet, as its name suggests, is a diet system that’s inspired from the way the countries bordering the mediterranean sea eat.

Countries like France, Italy, and Greece have a very special way of eating.

I know you will be surprised when you read the next line, but please bear with me.

The mediterranean promotes upping your carbs intake as much as you can, eating less meat, with some fish in between.

So basically, it emphasises focusing on getting as much carbs as you can and reduce your consumption of meat. And at the same time, get some healthy fats, such olive oil and other healthy plant oils.

The problem with many people how can this diet be so healthy and at the same time it promotes to eat so much carbs?!

That’s so weird, I know.

But if you are in doubt, let’s see what science has to say in this matter.

Are There Any Scientific Studies Behind This Diet?

The good news is big YEEES! There are a lot of studies that really prove this diet works.

Take a look at some of these here. Those are especially proven that this diet is the perfect diet for anyone wanting to get his or er heart to function at its peak performance.

Now, to follow a diet, you need to have a clear idea about its benefits. After all, we are benefit-driven creatures. But at the same time, no one wants to get into something that its drawbacks are way numerous than its benefits.

That’s why, we will cover here both.. The benefits and the disadvantages of this diet.

Let’s start with,

The Surprising Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet?

  • The diet is very low in sugar. There is nothing worse than sugar for your body.
  • Helps you shed weight without going starving yourself
  • Your heart will thank you for such diet. The diet helps your heart function at its best.
  • The diet helps your body stand firm against cancerous cells
  • It prevents and even treats diabetes
  • Keeps your brain at its peak

The Disadvantages Of The Mediterranean Diet?

Unlike so many other diet systems, there are very few downsides of the military diet. These are listed below:

  • It doesn’t have enough calcium as you are not allowed to eat dairy products
  • You have to do so much cooking
  • It costs extra money to follow it
  • It is time consuming

Those are the only downsides of the mediterranean diet I can think of. I personally believe the diet is more convenient not only in losing weight but also in the overlay heath, especially for the heart.

Hope you can decide by now.

There is one thing else you should be aware of before jumping into conclusions,

What The Foods You Are Allowed To Eat Going On A Mediterranean Diet?

  • Almonds
  • Salmon
  • Hummus
  • Garlic
  • Ezekiel  bread
  • Lemons
  • Cauliflower
  • Quinoa
  • All other vegetables
  • Olives
  • Olive oil
  • Plant oils
  • Sardines
  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes
  • Herbs

What Are The Foods You Have To Stay Away From?

  • Red meat
  • Sugar
  • Sweeteners
  • Processed meat
  • Refined grains
  • Refined oils
  • Trans fats


There you have it guys. That’s an account of all the research and personal experience I have gone through to dig out all you need to know about the mediterranean diet. Hope that things are now clear. And you have now decided whether to go for the mediterranean diet or not. Time to hear your opinions guys. What do you guys think about the mediterranean diet? Are you ready to give it a try? Let us know in the comment box below.